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Empowering AI Solutions

High-Performance Computing

Our proprietary MAI Cloud™ service is a culmination of advanced computing capabilities integrated seamlessly into a cloud-based solution. Enabling unprecedented access to high-performance computing, MAI Cloud™ provides computational power exactly when and where it is needed. By leveraging the cloud's power and state-of-the-art NVIDIA H100 Graphics Processing Units, we are removing the barriers to HPC usage, thus, enabling both internal/external GenAI projects and third-party customers to harness the full potential of AI applications without significant capital investment.

Security as a priority

At GenAI, we understand the value of data and the importance of security. Hence, the MAI Cloud™ places the utmost importance on robust security measures to protect data and safeguard intellectual property. Our encryption and security protocols ensure that data remains safe, allowing pure focus on utilizing the power of high-performance computing for AI applications.

Designed for AI

One of the key features of our MAI Cloud™ service is its versatility. Designed to cater to a diverse range of AI applications, MAI Cloud™ has broad applicability across various sectors. From machine learning and data analytics to complex simulations and modelling tasks, the service adapts to unique requirements, providing unparalleled efficiency and performance.

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