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Tobacco Titan™ is an exciting new product being developed by GenAI Tobacco Inc., a subsidiary of GenAI, to deliver an AI-powered large language model dedicated to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for the tobacco industry. Using various proprietary and public datasets, Tobacco Titan™ will provide a wide range of AI-powered intelligence and information to companies and individuals in the tobacco industry. Tobacco Titan™ will partner with select companies operating in the tobacco industry that have access to various proprietary datasets, giving Tobacco Titan™ a competitive advantage based on the uniqueness of the data that is not generally available on the internet.


Global AI Newswire was created with the intention of developing a newswire analysis service for investors that uses AI to perform various functions related to press releases issued by publicly-listed companies. Global AI Newswire is being developed to send real-time press releases to users based on a condensed summarized format using AI to predict keywords that are most relevant in the news release, allowing users to more efficiently analyze press releases disseminated by the public companies they follow and to deliver real-time information more efficiently to those users.


As the leading provider of automated revenue recovery services, Remitz has leveraged data-driven analytics and industry-changing technologies to develop a unique approach to medical billing. Using sophisticated algorithms, Remitz is able to identify and submit claims that would otherwise go uncollected - driving smarter billing processes and maximizing profits for healthcare professionals nationwide.

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The Classmate app uses the latest advances in natural language processing to understand your questions and provide you with the most accurate and relevant answers. You can quickly find answers to your educational questions in every category and gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter. So unlock the power of AI with the help of Classmate and get the answers you need today!

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